Manaaki Tangata

Manaaki Tangata is Social Labour Supply Ltd service that has been developed to support you on your journey to finding rewarding and sustainable employment within your chosen industry.


Upon registration with the service, you are allocated a dedicated SLS Kaitiaki who assists in connecting you with available opportunities and completes regularly scheduled visits to ensure you are supported into employment.

How we work?

Once you register with the service, one of the team will contact you to organise a whanaungatanga visit, where you will complete an assessment, which allows us to identify where you see yourself working. 

Your assessment also assists your Kaitiaki to develop a training plan, self-care plan and develop short-term, mid-term and long-term goals that we support you to achieve throughout our time together.

Visits are usually scheduled monthly; however, these will be dependent on your current situation, but know that our team are always available through phone and email.

Delivery of service…

Manaaki Tangata is a mixed mode delivery service, this means that we stay connected with you by scheduled face-to-face visits, phone, email and social media platforms.

We ensure that when we are scheduling visits every attempt is made to ensure that these do not impact on your employment, so this may mean we catch up in the evening (after work) or on the weekend.

Duration of service…  


Manaaki Tangata walks alongside you on your journey for 13-months; but we are always happy to stay connected with our whānau once you exit the service.

For more information about the service or to register, feel free to contact one of our team on 0800 437 634 or alternatively send us a message.

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