Labour Supply

Labour Supply is a service provision of Social Labour Supply Ltd that focuses on providing your projects with medium to long-term labour solutions that meet the demands of your projects.



SLS is not your typical labour supply company; we are committed to ensuring the best opportunities and outcomes are identified for our whānau to ensure a happy and productive workforce for your project and to support your tender proposals by creating social outcomes to support with social procurement expectations.



We have built our business by focusing on the needs of our stakeholders, both staff and clients.


How are we different?


Social Labour Supply Ltd has a focus on developing the skills of our whānau while removing barriers that impact on their ability to find and obtain rewarding and sustainable employment.



We achieve this by ensuring every individual has comprehensive training and development plans along with self-care plans which allow our whānau to work, develop and upskill while minimising potential issues that may impact on their work.


Social Labour Supply Ltd has a dedicated Education and Social department that focus on these components alongside our staff.


Need a workforce solution for your project?


If you require labour solutions to meet the demands of your projects, feel free to contact one of our labour specialists to discuss your needs and see how we can help fulfil your requirements!

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